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Ruby Lee, MSc, PhD, CQA, CHA

Dr. Ruby Lee completed her M.Sc. in Microbiology, Ph.D. in Food Science & Technology, and Postdoctoral Scientist in Animal Science from Iowa State University in USA, with focus on the development of rapid microbial methods, study the mode of action of food-grade phosphates used in meat industry, and application of food irradiation in the food industry. After extensive experience as Laboratory Director and HACCP Project Leader of Boehringer Ingelheim, Biovet, and Tyson Foods in USA, Dr. Lee moved to Canada and joined NSF-Guelph Food Technology Centre in 2002. As the Chief Microbiologist & Senior Food Safety Project Manager, Dr. Lee provided consulting services via microbiological program assessment, troubleshooting, and HACCP program development and validation, provided training services via creating and delivering NSF-GFTC and customized microbiology and HACCP workshops, and provided auditing services via AudiTech Audit and NSF-GFTC/AIBI HACCP Accreditation Audit. Dr. Lee has served as the President and Director of Lee Food Microbiologists Inc. and Senior Food Safety Specialist of NSF-GFTC since April 2011. Dr. Lee is an invited speaker in annual food safety conferences organized by the Agrifest, Alberta Food Processors Association, Canadian Meat Council, Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety, Guelph Food Safety Seminar Series, Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives, Manitoba Food Processors Association, 3M Food Safety, NSF-GFTC Annual Auditor Conference, NSF-GFTC Innovative Breakfast Series, North American Mushroom Conference, Ontario Food Processor Association, Ontario Independent Meat Processors, Sani Marc Advanced Microbiology Workshop, and Women in Food Industry Management.

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