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Varoujan Yaylayan

Varoujan Yaylayan currently is a Professor of Food Chemistry at McGill University and Chair of the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry. He obtained his doctoral degree from University of Alberta in Food Chemistry in 1987 and MSc in Organic Chemistry. His research focuses on the use of 13C and 15N-labelled reactants to follow high temperature chemical transformations in food-related model systems and to study the pattern of stable isotope incorporation in these reactions to elucidate the mechanism of formation of Maillard reaction products or thermally generated toxicants using Py-GC/MS, qTOF-MS/MS, LC/MS or FTIR spectroscopy.

Chemistry of process-induced food toxicants: 3-mcpd esters, acrylamide and furan

** conference en anglais seulement ** Traduction simultanée non disponible ** Process-induced toxicants comprise of several classes of organic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocylic aromatic amines, 3-mcpd esters, acrylamide and furans produced in food as a result of various thermal treatments. The presentation will focus on the precursors and formation mechanism of the last three mentioned toxicants. Acrylamide and furan share a common origin in the Maillard reaction both requiring the presence of reducing sugars and amino acids. Acrylamide however is more specific to the presence of a single amino acid asparagine, whereas, furan can be formed through the interaction of several amino acids such as serine and cysteine and various reducing sugars. On the other hand, 3-mcpd esters are formed during deodorization stage of plam oil due to the presence organic and inorganic chlorine containing compounds in the pulp of the palm fruit. Detailed mechanistic pathways will be described for each toxicants with relevant mitigation strategies.

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Chemistry of Process-Induced Food toxicants: 3-mcpd esters, acrylamide, PhIP and furan

Les molécules toxiques induites par les procédés de transformation comprennent de plusieurs classes...

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