Bacteriophage: back to the future.

Auteur(s) : Lawrence Goodridge , Sharma, M.

Publication: 2013

Nom de la revue: Food Technology 67(5): 46-54.

Langue: Français

Résumé: The role of bacteriophages as antimicrobials in the food industry is reviewed. Aspects considered include: discovery of bacteriophages and their use to treat human infections; biology and life cycle of bacteriophages; the lysis from without concept; resistance to bacterophage lysis; examples of the use of bacteriophages to control pathogen contamination on fresh produce (Escherichia coli on leafy greens, Salmonella on fresh cut tomatoes and sprouts, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes on fresh cut melon, pathogen reduction in meat and poultry); and regulatory status of bacteriophage products.
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