Marbling and ageing – Part 2. Consumer perception of sensory quality.

Auteur(s) : Tania Ngapo, Jacinthe Fortin , Riendeau, L. et Laberge, C.

Publication: 2013

Nom de la revue: Food Research International 51(2): 985-991.

Langue: English

Résumé: Ageing of pork can positively affect eating quality. However, assessment is often limited to a trained sensory panel. The consumer perceptions about the influence of ageing (2-10 days) on the sensory properties of grilled pork were evaluated. Tenderness was the only parameter affected sufficiently by ageing to be perceived by consumers, with the pork at 6-12 days being more tender compared with the meat at 2 days. Pig gender influenced tenderness, juiciness and taste, with these characteristics being stronger in pork from female pigs compared with castrated animals.
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