Modelling the variability of lag times and the first generation times of single cells of E. coli

Auteur(s) : Aline Métris , Y. l. Marc, A. Elfwing, A. Ballagi and J. Baranyi

Publication: 2005

Nom de la revue: International Journal of Food Microbiology 100(1--3): 13-19.

Langue: English

Résumé: Stochastic and deterministic elements were combined in a mathematical model describing growth and division of single cells. The stochastic component of the model assumes a random threshold size for the division of a single cell, thus accounting for variabilities in individual generation times. The deterministic component is based on the Baryani-Roberts model, simulating gradual adjustment of cells to a new environment. The combined model allowed reproduction of experimental data concerning the 1st division times of thousands of single cells, measured using a microscopic flow system. It is suggested that the model could also be used to evaluate the effects of different environmental factors and stresses on distribution of generation and lag times of individual cells. [This paper was presented at the 4th International Conference on Predictive Modelling in Foods in Quimper, France, on 15-19 June, 2003.]
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