Next generation of predictive models

Auteur(s) : Aline Métris , Pin, C., J. Baranyi

Publication: 2013

Nom de la revue: Advances in microbial food safety, Volume 1; Chap 25 :498-515

Langue: English

Résumé: In this chapter, we endeavour to predict the trends in predictive microbiology that are going to shape its development as a multidisciplinary field. We integrate the most commonly used, population and single-cell models of bacterial kinetics into a top-down framework. We predict that modellers will need to face various complexities induced by interactions at different levels: between food and microorganism, between cells and species and between molecular elements at the intracellular level. Hence, advances in the area of complex systems (e.g. network science, systems biology and stochastic modelling) will have a significant effect on the future development of predictive microbiology.
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