Synbiotic Yoghurt – A Smart Gut Food: Science, Technology and Applications

Auteur(s) : Claude Champagne , Kasipathy Kailasapathy , Sarah Moore

Publication: 2012

Nom de la revue:

Langue: English

Résumé: It is observed that simple fermented foods, such as yoghurt, have evolved into more sophisticated and therapeutic foods; and that consumers are choosing foods that provide physiological health benefits as well as high nutritional value. Synbiotic yoghurts contain probiotic organisms, which are associated with improved intestinal health, and prebiotics, which represent non-digestible ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. This book provides an overview of developments in synbiotic yoghurts. It covers interactions between probiotic bacteria and other organisms in the gastrointestinal tract; factors affecting the survival of probiotic bacteria in yoghurt; processes involved in the production of synbiotic yoghurt; the characteristics and selection of probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium; food regulations relating to the manufacture of probiotic yoghurts; types of commercially available prebiotics and their application in functional foods; recent trends in the development of synbiotics; and the development and nutritional value of soya yoghurts.
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