Understanding food fermentation in the context of functional foods: opportunities for the food industry.

Auteur(s) : Tony Savard ,

Publication: 2010

Nom de la revue: BIO Trends CQVB 10-3A.

Langue: English

Résumé: Introduction 2. A rapidly evolving market 3. Principles of food fermentation 3.1 Microorganisms used in food fermentation 3.2 Spontaneous fermentation or fermentation with added ferment 4. The main categories of fermented foods 4.1 Beverages 4.2 Dairy products (excluding beverages) 4.3 Fruits and vegetables 4.4 Legumes 4.5 Meat 4.6 Fish 4.7 Bread and grains 5. Health effects of fermented foods 5.1 Destruction of toxins or substances that hamper the breakdown or absorption of molecules  in foods 5.2 Predigestion of polysaccharides and proteins 5.3 Synthesis of vitamins and antimicrobial agents 5.4 Direct action of fermentation microorganisms 6. Technological challenges for the industry 7. Regulation 8. Conclusion and outlook 9. Glossary 10. References  
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