Use of oregano extract and oregano essential oil as antioxidants in functional dairy beverage formulations.

Auteur(s) : Hassan Sabik , Boroski, M., H. n. J. Giroux, H. n. V. Petit, J. V. Visentainer, P. T. Matumoto-Pintro and M. Britten

Publication: 2012

Nom de la revue: Lwt - food science and technology 47(1): 167-174.

Langue: English

Résumé: To increase health benefits, dairy beverages can be enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, although these fatty acids are susceptible to oxidation. The use of oregano extract (OE) and oregano essential oil (OEO) as antioxidants in dairy beverages enriched with 2pg/100pg linseed oil was studied. The OE contained 269pmg gallic acid equivalents per gram and was shown by the DPPH radical assay to have powerful antioxidant activity. During 10 days of storage under light or heat conditions, color, conjugated diene hydroperoxides, hexanal, propanal, and dissolved oxygen concentrations were evaluated in dairy beverages containing various concentrations of OE or OEO. It was found that OE was more efficient than OEO in preventing the formation of conjugated dienes, hexanal, and propanal as well as the depletion of oxygen induced by heat or light oxidation. The addition of OE or OEO did not affect dairy beverage physical stability during storage.
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